How is the offering price on my house determined?

When we make an offer on your house, we consider three primary factors: its condition, the neighborhood, and your goals.

What do you do with the home after you purchase it?

After we buy a house in Nashville, TN, or the surrounding area, we typically make necessary repairs or renovations. Then, we sell the property. Occasionally, we rent purchased properties to families in the region.

What makes you different from other companies?

We want to purchase your house using cash. We don’t want to take a massive cut of the profits or a commission on the sale. We just want to help homeowners like you achieve their goals. All the while, we will continue to invest in the community.

Will you pay me what my home is worth?

Yes! We provide a fair cash offer for any house we plan to purchase.

What does it mean when you say that you will buy my house for CASH?

It means just that! We buy houses in the area using CASH. We have the money available right now to buy your home, without any real estate agents or banks involved.

Where will we close on the property?

We’ll close when you’re ready. If you want to sell your house, we’ll close at a local title company within the week.

I currently live out of state. Is that a problem?

Not at all! We often work with homeowners who have moved out of state or are away on business. Our local real estate investors can handle the job.

What if I am behind on my mortgage?

We can work with you even if you are behind on your mortgage. We can request a reinstatement amount and a payoff to ensure there is a better deal on the table. Then, we’ll explore options with you.

What are the steps to selling my home?

  1. You send us your basic contact and property information.
  2. We schedule a time to meet with you and view the property.
  3. We provide you with a fair CASH OFFER.
  4. If you accept the offer, we buy your house, on your schedule.

How long does it take to sell my home?

It all depends on you. We can move as fast or as slow as you need. Our team will work within your timeframe.

I am feeling overwhelmed by this process. What do I do?

We strive to make the home-selling process as simple and straightforward as possible. We will handle the paperwork and hard work involved with selling a house while you collect your cash.

What will it cost me to have you look at my home?

It costs you nothing! We do not charge any fees or commissions on the sale!

Are you a real estate agent?

No, we are not real estate agents. We are real estate investors looking to help homeowners like you.

What kinds of fees will I have to pay when selling my home?

There are no fees when selling your home. We handle everything, and we aim to offer you as much money as possible for your property.

My house needs repairs. Is that okay?

We often buy houses in the area in desperate need of repairs or renovations. You don’t have to pay a dime. We will handle the work after we buy your house.

What type of homes do you buy?

We buy all types of homes, including move-in ready properties and those in need of renovations.

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